Welcome to The MUNKey Business!

Welcome to MUNKey Business! We’re the result of a partnership between avid MUN’ers, experienced delegates and aspiring students with one simple goal: making MUN’s simpler for us all. As passionate delegates ourselves, we know that the formalities involved in an MUN — including paperwork, writing and research — can be daunting for most delegates; especially first-timers. We’re also well aware that many delegates need experienced advice — particularly when it comes to not only perfecting their oratory skills, but also mastering their arguments and counter-arguments.

Enter The MUNKey Business — a concerted effort to simplify partaking in Model UN’s for all! Not only do we provide research, resolutions, clauses, and committee specific documents — but we also provide one-on-one online classes which we believe will help aspiring delegates to clear any queries, doubts and questions that they may have!

Are you ready to take the first step towards partaking in constructive debate and discourse? Contact us today, and take the first step into a world of opportunity and success!

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